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The Genesis Party Album Release: The Student Sessions. Available now for free download on bandcamp. Buy it on iTunes. Stream it on Spotify. "Hu Uwah" and "Missing Pieces" were created during two of John's lesson make up sessions. Again, all of the music for these songs was written or improvised by the students and then arranged by John and the students during the session. The next two songs, "Everybody Clap Your Hands" and "Move Along", created by Pensacola's Montessori Middle School Class and Pensacola's School of Liberal Arts High School Class are prime examples of how—when given the means, people will create.

The music of HuDost, the Neo Folk World Rock Ensemble from Montreal and NY, weaves a seamless tapestry of sound that renders tears and laughter in listeners, cultivating that nameless longing that abides somewhere in all our hearts. HuDost's music is a rich, eclectic blending of Pop & Rock with traditional Sufi, Bulgarian, Croatian, Macedonian and Balkan folk music, Farsi, Turkish, Arabic, & Folk.

Christie Lenée has been capturing a wide audience across the US, touring frequently and delivering vibrant energy at every show. Her unique guitar work is often compared to Michael Hedges meets Joni Mitchell and Dave Matthews, delivering profound instrumental compositions with heartfelt, consciously uplifting songs. Christie Lenée's pieces have been showcased at the NAMM Show in Anaheim in Nashville, live on National Television and Radio, on stage with artists such as Tim Reynolds (guitarist for Dave Matthews Band), Amy Ray from the Indigo Girls, and Stanley Jordan to name a few. Her most recent album "Live at the Hideaway Cafe" was one of three finalists for "Best Album of 2014" (Indie Acoustic Project Awards), featuring some her most classic songs such as "Daylight Comes," "Take a Vacation" and "We Are One." Songs from the album can be previewed and downloaded via iTunes and the website.

“Christie Lenee is a wonderful spirit making beautiful music on the guitar. She has epic compositions that take one on a journey through time.” — (Tim Reynolds, Guitarist for Dave Matthews Band)

Dinosaur Daze is a three piece psychedelic blues band from the coastlines of Florida. They are currently writing and recording their first full length album while playing shows to support their 4 track EP. Since forming, Dinosaur Daze have brought their cosmic rocking goodness to the stage with other great earthly acts such as Grizfolk, Kongos, Surfer Blood, Zulu Wave, The Relationship, Bright Light Social Hour and many, many more!

Born in 1985 to a young single mother and raised in the panhandle of Florida, I began to be influenced by rap music at an early age. As I got into middle and high school, and with the emergence of Eminem, I gained the confidence to start scratching out some of my own rhymes. I started out using it as a form of escape and joy when all the bullshit in my life at the time became too much to think about. I know it sounds cliché anymore to say "music saved my life," but when I hear someone say that, I completely get it. As my writing skill level progressed over the years I began to lean towards writing poetry to ease my mind and express my thoughts. But with the passion for music still inside me, I could never completely put it down. So I would make little party tracks and abstract rhymes to share with my friends under the non-existent label "S.M.A.S.H. Ent."(Self Made and Southern Hearted Entertainment). And after many parties, long nights, fights and altercations, they just began to call me Smash. And now, for the first time, I present SMaSH to the WORLD with my debut EP!!!!

Joell Regal, also interpreted as Royal Prophet, is poised to reign as one of the most profound songwriters amongst her peers. Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, she was raised in the heart of Birmingham, where her love for music emerged at the early age of 7. She has since discovered a passion for songwriting, using her voice and guitar as a means of transforming her life experiences into “melodic words.” Joell first started performing in September of 2012, and has since been moving full speed ahead, opening up for various artists such as jazz flautist Claudia Hayden, and Los Angeles’ own DeQn Sue. With sounds ranging from folk to jazz, and from ballads to hip-hop, this artist is a one-stop shop for great music and genuine talent. Spectators of her shows have deemed her “A life saver” and one who “…casts spells on the audience,” as she sings. With lyrics that uplift and exude passion, Joell has set her sights on not only changing her community, but ultimately the world, by way of music and poetry, one listener at a time. Joell Regal is well on her way!