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Our Philosophy

Jinks Music Universe is John and Amy Jinks—and friends. We are a company dedicated to the creation and distribution of music through production, education, management and publishing. Our current vehicle for exposure is The Genesis Party project where, at a group event, we create an original song using small contributions from many participants. In the summer of 2016, we are taking The Genesis Party across the U.S. Be sure to stay in the loop by regularly checking this site for details.

Our Story

John and Amy met in John's studio in 2001. Their friendship was immediate and so was their chemistry. Like a fine wine, it took these two a few years to develop their friendship into a romantic relationship. They were married in 2007, and after traveling for two years, they returned home where they soon became inspired for music to be back in the forefront of their lives. John and Amy realized they could make music together. Amy began singing John's songs, and thus laid the groundwork for Jinks Music Universe. They are now writing original material and plan to perform at a venue near you very soon.