Music is our art and our tools are plentiful. Anything that makes sound can make music. One of our biggest joys at Genesis Parties is the variety of ways people make sound. So much so, we made a list of the most notable, recorded instruments. The list does not include virtual instruments or samples, just what people have brought with them. We came up with three categories and rated each instrument on a five point system. The categories are: coolness, sound and inspiration. Now, the results can't be taken too seriously, since it's just Amy and I judging. Next time, we'll poll you guys. It'll be fun! The following list is our TOP 10 Genesis Party Instruments:

#10. Melodica - Aerofest GP - "Calling Me"
    The gentleman who played the Melodica owns a music school in Mobile, AL. He brought a student that played the French Horn. The recording is rather quiet of noise considering we were at a large festival. We think the instrument is cool because it's basically an acoustic wind piano that sounds like an accordion. Here's a short sample of the Melodica we recorded at the festival.


#9. Coral Bracelet - GP for Lydia - "Lydia's Song"
    I believe it was Lydia's mother that had the idea to use her coral bracelet as a percussion instrument for her daughter's song. I remember a magical night with an indescribable energy. We are honored. Though the bracelet is deep within the mix, it provides an otherworldly ambiance.  

#8. Native American Flute - Breathe Party - "Breathe"
    This new Native Flute player, obviously, picks up instruments quickly! I first knew him as a guitar player—he also plays drums and sings. The key of this song was determined by the key of the flute. The acoustic guitar went down first—when it was the flute's turn, the whole song opened up. It provides the song with an amazing melody.

#7. Guitar
    I play guitar. Have I mentioned that? It is a very common instrument, yet no one plays it quite the same as anyone else. It could have made it on the list due to it's frequency of use, alone. Here's a montage of guitarists we've recorded.

#6. Bodhi's Water Bowl - Student Make-Up GP - "Missing Pieces"
    During a Saturday make-up session with my students, we decided to make a Genesis Party song in a workshop setting. Our first order of business was a lesson in sound waves, so we made waves in Bodhi's water bowl. When we made waves and hit the side of the bowl with a wooden spoon, we heard multiple waves interacting. We thought it sounded cool, so we recorded it.

#5. The Kitchen Sink - Pensacola School of Liberal Arts Class GP - "Move Along"
    When you're a 14 year old kid who goes to a school that nourishes a creative mind, you can't think of any reason why you shouldn't ask your dad to toss the kitchen sink into the back of the truck—along with the rest of the instruments you're bringing to your class Genesis Party. The tubes, pipes, faucets, drains, sink and everything else within reach, were all used while recording this instrument.

#4. Ocarina - URU Party - "Mad Ocarina"
    To what key is an Ocarina tuned? Who gives a toot? It sounds cool! Here's the Ocarina with and without a cool gating effect.

#3. Buffalo Drum - GP for Lydia - "Lydia's Song"
    Lydia's father brought a beautiful drum. It's warm, rich tone hits you soft in the heart. For the song, it represents both peace and mourning.

#2. Brown Paper Tube - Montessori School of Pensacola Class GP - "Scream for More"
    The young man who provided this recording was a reluctant contributor. He looked around the room with little inspiration for anything; kicked his feet as he stared at the ground. Finally, he grabbed a roll of brown wrapping paper and proceeded to vocalize through the tube. I don't know about you—but in my family, we call that a "Durder". Here it is raw, processed and in the song. Amazing!

#1. Your Voice
    We get more inspiration from watching you share your voice than any other part of The Genesis Party. Weather you're banging pencils on a box of tissue or singing your ass off, we hear you. …and that's what we want to hear. Here's a small sampling of some vocal contributions. 

Thanks for listening! Please share and let us know what you think.
Come to End of the Line on November, 6th, 2015 at 7:30 for the next public Genesis Party!

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