The First Genesis Party October 1, 2015



The First Genesis Party

    We started attending online classes at Berklee College of Music in 2011. For one of the classes, Desktop Music Production, we got a music production program called Reason. I was very attracted to the program because it had the look and controls of a real studio plus an array of virtual instruments that sounded amazing. Instantly, we started to play with all the sounds. 

    We made up a game where we would each take a 10 - 15 minute turn finding a sound we liked and record a part with it.  After the first part was down, the next person would come up with something that compliments that part. Turn after turn we would build off of each other. After a few turns each, we would have a section of a new song. Amy and I had so much fun with this game that we wanted to share it with our friends.  We felt a sense of togetherness from collaborating in that way. We knew we were on to something great.

The Invitation
    Amy made a list of about 15 people she wanted to invite to our first party held at our home.  She made a Facebook event and invited a select group of people with varying degrees of musical skill from none to moderate. At the time we called it Music From the Threshold. (The threshold being that moment of creation between nothingness and being.) At the party, a total of 13 people showed up and contributed enough material to make a magical experience and an amazing four and a half minute original piece of music. 

"My favorite things about Genesis Parties are the connection I feel with the music…  and the people who collaborate together to make it."

Genesis One

    Starting with excited anticipation and ending with an uplifted feeling of connection with each person, the energy of the evening was palpable. As people showed up, with instruments in tow (guitars, drums, a xylophone), the excitement began to build. People brought beer, wine and food. It was a real party with a relaxed atmosphere. 

    I started it off with a drum beat, someone added an acoustic guitar with a great chord progression and the song quickly began to emerge. 

    Soon we had a solid rhythm section going and someone wanted to lay down some lead guitar. After I got him set up with his sound, he just started jamming this awesome lead while I took it all in from the back yard.  I can remember the feeling of total amazement while I was listening to the music coming from the house. I thought to myself, " this recording is being created by a large group of otherwise random contributors… and it's cool as f**k!" After a few minutes, I returned and he was ready to lay down a solo and melody. 

    My favorite things about Genesis Parties are the connection I feel with the music, how it's made and the people who collaborate together to make it. 

    At the end of the party, everyone was on cloud 9 and super excited to hear the final mix. So was I. The "high" lasted through the night and I awoke ready to arrange and mix the song.  So much great material. Such inspiration. The song basically put itself together. It still took some time to complete, but I had it sent out by the end of the weekend. 

    Every time I hear Genesis One, I remember the feeling we shared at the end of the evening. I am grateful to have this in my life.

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