Nostalgia October 1, 2015




    As I look through old Genesis Party .reason files to get inspiration for writing, I'm feeling a sense of nostalgia when I find the first Genesis Party, Genesis One 11-1-13.  So far, the inspiration is of wanting to remix and rearrange some elements of the song, like taking the kick drum out at this section and cleaning up messy edits. I love to edit, arrange and mix these songs! I feel a sense of honor that you trust me with your creations.
    The most fun I've had with genesis party is mixing and arranging each song after the party.  That’s when I get to put it all together, take what’s there and do whatever the funk I want with it. The rule of GP contribution is: respectfully do whatever you want with whatever you want however you want.  So, when it's my turn to arrange and mix it, I follow that same rule. ?

"…I suffered from massive moral dilemmas every time I got to the editing stage… "

The Fear

?    As the producer, I act as a filter for what you guys contribute. At first, I suffered from massive moral dilemmas every time I got to the editing stage and started cutting peoples contributions to fit my will. I would get up and pace around the house asking Amy if they would hate me or hate the song I created from their creations due to my interpretation and use, or lack thereof, of their parts. I value not hurting people’s feelings. I am a sensitive guy and my feelings can get hurt when my creativity is critiqued. So, when I'm "in the cutting room" and I'm cutting up your 32 measure guitar solo into a couple catchy hooks, I'm doing it because it's right for the song (according to me in that moment) and, at the same time, I'm battling my ego for fear of you taking it personally (like I would).

?    Recently, I've begun to find a balance by telling myself, "no one cares, they had a good time," and things like, "This is just my artistic manipulation of the material given, if anyone wants a personalized remix, we'll talk. If anyone wants to remix it themselves, great! Here's how you can do that.” Worrying what people would think was dragging the whole process down. It's been a long, slow build growing my confidence.  ??   

    Nowadays, without much hesitation, I'll chop up an ancient Hindu mantra into potentially meaningless gibberish, if it makes a cool song. As much as I love a good mantra, peace comes on the path of least resistance.  I love the work and I love making music. The songs you hear here are from your hearts seen through my eyes. You're welcome to have a go. I'll send you the files.?


?    I feel blessed that you are a part of the Genesis Party. So much so that I sometimes feel like I am its biggest fan. I'm sure I think it's way cooler than you do. I've got over an hour of awesome, original music to listen to; made by about a hundred awesome people, my wife and myself at public events at restaurants, private parties, birthdays, schools and festivals. That's pretty amazing! I listen, regularly. I love listening to Genesis Party songs; they make a great album! Even if I'm our number one fan, without fail,  there you are with your quirky instrument and your 20 measure rap freestyle rocking the house to thunderous applause. And that's what it's all about.
 Thank you. Thank you for giving me someone to jam with. I'll see you at the next Genesis Party.

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