My Yoga October 5, 2015



My Yoga

    Amy and I are a part of the Pensacola yoga community. We're friends with the owners of Breathe, URU and yoga studios since evolved. From it's inception, the Genesis Party has always been a good fit within that community. That being so, as of now, we have created six yogi-centric songs; one of which was created at a yoga festival by yogis from around the country.


    I can be pretty lazy at times and I often find myself waning from my disciplines. I gain weight, my back hurts more and I end up sinking into my body anywhere I stand or sit.  I find when I'm taking care of my body, I'm generally happier, more inspired and more productive; not to mention feeling better physically.
    I also really enjoy meditation. I find myself meditating in so many of the things I do. Music, for one, may be the most obvious. For me, there's peace in sound. I learned to make music so I can have peace whenever I want. The catch is, the peace comes from within or there is no sound. When I turn away from my inner light, which I often do, what was once a vast ocean of limitless inspiration that turned every noise into a beautiful melody, is now a desert where the sweetest songs dry up and tumble away. When I'm in a downswing and I disallow it in any way, it merely perpetuates and even deepens the lull. I try to accept the cycle and have faith that it'll all come around. Sometimes, it takes a little more convincing.

"For me, music is like yoga for my heart."

A Sensitive Beast

    The Genesis Party was created, on some level, to be a tool for me to handle creative lulls. Creating, whatever the medium, is a funny thing—a sensitive beast. In a sense, everything created is a co-creation (even if only with yourself). When I make a song by myself, I start with a small seed of inspiration, farm for ideas that may sprout from that seed, experiment in context (having an appropriate work space is paramount), and then, from a third party perspective, judge those ideas against my current inspirations. Essentially, I'm jamming with myself. It doesn't always work.

The Tool

    The GP is a massive collaboration between many people in a group, interactive setting. The phrase, "many hands make light work" is quite applicable when creating music. The more people "meditating" in one moment on one piece of music, the more powerful the spread of inspiration. Being able to react and respond to the music recorded before you makes your job so much easier.  It's easier to see what's missing if there's already something there.
    Of course, there's the issue with the person who starts it all off for the event (which is usually me). Imagine yourself in a vast void of nothingness with the intention of filling it. It seems daunting to say the least. Thankfully, the reality is that it only takes one thought to fill the whole void with light.
    I have a few tricks that help me get it going. For example, I'll ask the room to start clapping in rhythm.  I wont tell them what rhythm or what tempo. I just say, "Okay, everybody, start clapping in rhythm". And so they do. It always starts out a cacophony of random clapping and without fail, it quickly forms into a unison beat that I then tap into my software and becomes the tempo of the song. A group's natural tendency to come together and act as one is one of the principals that make the Genesis Party successful.  
    Determining the key of the song is a little trickier, however. I keep it simple with some wiggle room depending on the experience of the room. In some circumstances, I don't determine the tempo or the key; in such cases that a contributor needs assistance, I'm always right there to help.

Feeding the Love

    Just as the group creative energy feeds itself and nurtures the recording, I am nurtured by the event. My inspiration flourishes from the connections I've nourished with each person at the party. When it's time to make the final arrangement of the song, I have all the energy necessary to complete the task (given that I'm not freaking out as described in the Nostalgia blog).


    For me, music is like yoga for my heart. It brings me joy and peace. The Genesis Party perpetuates my inspiration through a steady stream of energy from all of you. It may sound selfish; I'm sure there's something in it for you, too. See you next time.

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