Hi, I'm Amy April 12, 2016


by Amy Jinks

Hello there, I'm Amy. John usually does most of the writing for our blog, so I figured it was time to introduce myself. I'm the brains behind this operation. Just kidding, it truly requires two or more brains to keep this train moving. Speaking of moving, I’m struggling with what to say. I’m usually someone that edits a lot of my thoughts. Mostly because I don’t want to be disliked. Who can relate? I’m running a business here so I figure I have to be pc all the time or else no one will support us. I guess I can’t imagine anyone sharing my opinion. I do share my opinion with those I’m closest with, but even that can be a struggle. So, this is me, not knowing what to say, and surely not knowing if you’ll care. 

Why am I writing if I have nothing to say? It’s good for SEO! Constantly creating new content so Google will give us a good spot when you search for something that is related to what we do. That’s what I’m learning about, and that’s why I’m writing. It’s not that I don’t want to share all my hopes, dreams, and fears with the world (who doesn’t want to do that). It’s that I’m learning how to engage with you in a new way, because frankly, I want to be friends. I want you to like me. I want to hang out. I really want you to explore your creativity with me while I explore mine. That sounds a little strange so I’ll tell you what I mean. 

Jinks Music Universe exists because we love helping people get in touch with their creativity through music. We teach, we record, we produce, we manage, and we CREATE. You may have noticed this really cool project we do called The Genesis Party where people get together and make music. It’s an interesting experience and everyone seems to see it in their own way which I love. It came about truly because I want to sing, make music, be creative, and have fun with friends. I want to be seen—but without having to be a performer. Don’t get me wrong, I am a performer, but for you to see the performance, I have to know you already like me. I can’t handle rejection, so The Genesis Party is really for me (and those like me which I hope exist). 

I have always hung out with musicians and I’ve always wanted the courage to jump on the mic and sing out a beautiful melody with equally beautiful lyrics attached. Fear is creativity killer! And I let mine die. This project has given me new life and something I can conquer. Without realizing how perfect The Genesis Party is for me, it has become it’s own thing, providing over 100 people so far with an easy outlet to connect, collaborate, and create. I guess there are people like me. People that want an outlet to vent or participate in something real. I hope that everyone feels as empowered as I do when they leave for the night after laying down their unique track. 

But it’s not just for people like me. John, my partner in life and business, is an amazing musician. He’s clever, technical, skilled, graceful, and just darn good at making music. No offense to rest of the novices out there, but I want to make music with good musicians even though I haven’t done the work to be one myself. I know that’s greedy and lazy, but it’s the truth. I want all those awesome musicians to lay the ground work to help me and my fellow creative bums feel inspired and open. I want everyone to play together. I want to want to be better because of them. Maybe that’s not everyone but that’s me. I love it when talented musicians contribute to our collective song and then I can sing right along next to them and hear our voices merging together as one. Oh, it’s the best. It fills me with pride and love for myself. That’s what I want to give to everyone that participates in The Genesis Party. Regardless, of who you are, what you do, what your skill level is, I want you to feel love for yourself, because that’s what I want for me.

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